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Name: Eli Cash,
Author (the James Joyce of the West), Family Friend 
Played by: Owen Wilson and James Fitzgerald
Closest allies: 
Richie, Margot, Sugar

"I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum..." 
Rounding out the cast is Owen Wilson, who has been prominent in Anderson's filmmaking career from the beginning. 

"Wes and I went to similar schools, developed a similar sense of humor, went to college together at the University of Texas, and became friends there," says Wilson, "and through everything that's happened since then, the best part is that Wes and I are still really good friends." 

"I think I identify with the humor more than the sadness," he says, "but then, the humor I like is humor that comes from people's insecurities and vulnerabilities, and not so much from slapstick, broad comedy, so maybe it is both that I identify with.

"Eli is this Cormac McCarthy knockoff," he says, "A guy who grows up in the city and writes novels about the west -what if Custer hadn't died at Little Big Horn, that kind of thing. And for him, just like for the Tenenbaums, success doesn't necessarily translate into happiness. Having a hit novel doesn't make him a Tenenbaum."

Credit: The Royal Tenenbaums press kit

About Owen Wilson...
Nominated "Stoner of the Year" by High Times magazine, self-proclaimed troublemaker Owen Wilson grew up in Texas with his mother, Laura, a photographer; his father, an ad exec; and his brothers, Andrew Wilson (the eldest) and Luke (the youngest). Expelled from St. Mark's Academy in Dallas Texas in the tenth grade, Wilson finished his sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson School and then headed to a military academy in New Mexico. He then attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he met his future mentor and friend, Wes Anderson. Anderson and Wilson wrote a screenplay - Bottle Rocket (1994) and sent it to their family friend screenwriter Kit Carson, who sent it to producer Polly Platt, who gave it to James L. Brooks, who gave the Texans $5 million dollars to make it into a feature film. Despite critical praise, 'Rocket' only grossed one million dollars. After making the film, Wilson moved to Hollywood, setting up house with his two brothers and Anderson. Fairly quickly, Owen found himself acting in a series of big budget films that scraped the bottom of the critical barrel, such as The Cable Guy (1996), The Haunting (1999), Anaconda (1997) and Breakfast of Champions (1999). This led to more work in Shanghai Noon (2000), Meet the Parents (2000) and Behind Enemy Lines (2001). He's known not only for his nose, which has been broken several times, but also for his 'free wheeling ways' with a script. Recently he cowrote the film The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), with his oft partner Wes Anderson.


About James Fitzgerald...
No information available

Owen Wilson's Filmography
The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) - Elijah 'Eli' Cash
Behind Enemy Lines (2001) - Lt. Chris Burnett
Zoolander (2001) - Hansel
Meet the Parents (2000) - Kevin Rawley
Shanghai Noon (2000) - Roy O'Bannon
Breakfast of Champions (1999) - Monte Rapid, TV Host
The Minus Man (1999) - Vann Siegert
The Haunting (1999) - Luke Sanderson
Rushmore (1998) (uncredited) - Edward Appleby
Permanent Midnight (1998) - Nicky
Armageddon (1998) - Oscar Choi, Geologist
Anaconda (1997) - Gary Dixon
The Cable Guy (1996) - Robin's Date
Bottle Rocket (1996) - Dignan
Bottle Rocket (1994) (short film) - Dignan

James Fitzgerald's Filmography
The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) - Young Eli Cash

Credit: The Internet Movie Database

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